Sam’s “Mystery”

My youngest grandson found a piece of wrapped Double Bubble chewing gum among his toys one afternoon. He asked me how it got there and I said, “It’s a mystery”. Now whenever he finds the gum I hide among his toys, he lets me know he has found a “mystery”. God has sure blessed me with a wonderful ray of sunshine in that boy! Thank you, Lord.

Convenience Stores

One night in a small Midwestern town, I stopped at a convenience store and asked the clerk for directions to the motel I had booked a room in. She told me to go down the street and when I saw a stop-n-go, turn left, then go about a mile down that road until I can to the next stop-n-go. The motel would be just to the right. I went back to my car and started looking for the first Stop-n-Go, but didn’t find it, nor did I find the next one she told me about. I thought they couldn’t possibly  have three Stop-n-Gos in that tiny town. I figured out that she meant traffic lights…you know…”stop and gos”.

Indoor Plumbing

I grew up in southern Alabama in Mobile. I was pretty much a city boy, not having been raised on a farm. I am 67 now and live in North Carolina. Well, anyways, I have heard that we had relatives in south Alabama who had cable t.v. before they had indoor plumbing. You know what? I believe that.

A 5 Year Old’s Thoughts about Baseball

The Spokane Indians are minor league baseball team. My 5 year old grandson, Deion, and I went to the Indians’ stadium to see a game. It was a beautiful day, we sat behind the Indians’ dugout so I could explain the goings-on, he met several players, and the mascot. We ate hot dogs and candy and drank a soda. A really good time together.

In the car, getting ready to head home, I asked Deion what was the best thing at the ballgame. He said, “That was the best hotdog I ever had!” Yep.

Earthquake as Perceived by My Daughter

Early one morning in 1973, my then two and a half year old daughter climbed into bed with my wife and me. I got up to go to the kitchen to brew our coffee. While I was in the kitchen, an earthquake shook our San Jose, California home. I rushed back to the bedroom to ask if they had felt the quake. My daughter said she did and asked me to do it again.

What a sweetie!

Two Chins

One afternoon, I noticed my little grandson, Remington, staring intently at me. I was sitting in the living room minding my own business. I said, “Remington, what are you staring at?”

He said, “Grandpa, you have two chins.”

Being a stout fellow, I did indeed have two chins when I was sitting in that comfortable chair.

A selection of memories and thoughts of Grandpa Jack